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Chiara has always been fascinated by the visual arts and has been involved in photography since 2009, when at the age of 17 she started using the darkroom set up at her school.
In 2012 she to moved to Berlin to study at the Neue schule für Fotografie where she graduated in 2016.
During these years in Berlin, her artistic research looks at the female body, its definition and the meaning attributed to it in social and cultural field.

Today in her artistic practice the focus remains linked to issues of social urgencies.
Specialising in analogue techniques since 2017 her interdisciplinary approach also includes video and collage.
In 2018 she obtained a two-year diploma at the prestigious Master of High Education on Contemporary Image of Fondazione Fotografia Modena and in the same year she starts her collaboration in the educational department of Fondazione Modena Arti Visive.

Co-founder and curator of the Tuscan House of Photography, Chiara De Maria is a Berlin-based visual artist currently working as a freelance photographer, videographer and curator.



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︎May 2014 - “Narben” JungBush, Berlin
︎Juny 2014 - “FEAST” curated by Eva Maria Ocherbauer,Berlin
︎December 2014 - “Dear, around us” with Mari Inoue at FilterHouse, Berlin
︎July 2015 - COFFI FESTIVAL “The Virgin Suicides”,Berlin
︎October 2016 - “So we live”, Neue Schule fuer Fotografie,Berlin
︎February 2018 - “SOMA”, member of Il Collettivo Immaginario during Artefiera, Bologna
︎Juny 2018 - “Madame Gerard”  MATA, Modena
September 2018 - “LA CASA”, Cesena
︎October 2018 - “PRIMULE”, collective exb. Sala Dogana,Genova
 ︎October 2019 - DIVAGO FESTIVAL, site specific project “I vicoli erano animatissimi”, Genova
︎October 2020 - THE SPACE IN BETWEEN,
“Sgran Sciaf | Sgnic Sgnac”,Ravenna
︎January 2021 - REGOLAMENTO,
Gate 26A,Modena
︎June 2021 - “Abecedario d’artista”Palazzo del Governatore,Parma
︎July 2021 - “Si Ripete VR” La cosa magica per caso Festival,Torino
︎October 2021 - “Post Work Era” poster art installation,Gambettola

︎August 2022 - “Collective contours” ,Vlorë
︎September 2022 - “The Greenery Project - Gambettola Selvatica” ,Gambettola