In my artistic practice the body is a fundamental narrative element through which I express emotions, point out social urgencies and investigate the concept of identity.

Free my nipples is a way to support my artistic research and see it develop without being victim of the increasing policy of censorship of the female body.
Through the creation of postcards, zines and boxes full of artistic photographic material. Free my nipples allows me to show a visual research that departs from the sexualization of the image of the female body and aims to value its communicative and expressive power.

..But how does it work?

1. Postcard collectionWith the first tier available on my Patreon page you can support my artistic research free from censorship and start your own personal collection of photo-postcards!

︎︎︎Each month you will get a photographic postcard
with the warmest and personal greetings from my nipples.

2. Seasonal Zine
With the second tier, each change of season, you will receive a copy of a photography zine, with a selection of my photographic projects and unpublished shots of the visual research  in progress.

︎︎︎ Seasonal zine subscription
︎︎︎ Monthly photographic postcard

3. Magic Box
With the third tier you will receive a magic box
on your birthday In the box you can find posters, photo prints, stickers and many other surprises...

︎︎︎ Celebrate your birthday with a Magic Box
Seasonal zine subscription
︎︎︎ Monthly photographic postcard