The territory in which we live, with its trees, plants, flowers
is a fundamental part of our identity
it is up to us to recognize it and listen to it.

The Greenery Project

The greenery project is a participatory art project that aims to trigger a process of care and protection of wild plants by raising awareness among the local community. It is a project designed to ‚reawaken‘ the close connection between the native wild plants of an area and the people who live there.

The project includes specific and distinct phases:
1. docu-film
2. didactic workshops on cyanotypes and spontaneous plant recognition
3. sending of letters designed to involve and empower each citizen
4. final collective installation

The project is developed over the course of a year, and each time it arrives in a village, it is the local people who become the protagonists.

︎docu-film // edition 2021